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Holding On by cartoonlovinggal Holding On :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0 Happy Late Birthday, RYOU MY CHILD by cartoonlovinggal Happy Late Birthday, RYOU MY CHILD :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 7 2
The Day I Was Mistaken For Su-won
Akatsuki no Yona; Reader-insert
  "How much faaaartheeer?" Zeno whined, stretching the vowels of each word, as his stomach began to growl again, "I'm hungryyy." He said holding his stomach.
    An irk mark formed on Yun's forehead, "We ate just an hour ago." It took every inch of his being not to tackle the carefree blond and strangle him. "You ate the most, too! All you do in this group is eat! Even ____ helps us out in times of need."
    "Hm?" At the mention of your name, you turned around to listen to the one-sided conversation. You narrowed your eyes at the boy, "What's that supposed to mean? I've been very helpful even before I joined your group." You turned back to the front with a slight pout on your face as you rested your hands behind your head casually. Shin-ah, who was walking in front of you, suddenly stopped, making you crash into his back. "Hey!" You rubbed your nose before staring at the Blue Drago
:iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 5 0
Time to Drawww~ Contest Entry by cartoonlovinggal Time to Drawww~ Contest Entry :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 3 5 New Year Drawing~~ by cartoonlovinggal New Year Drawing~~ :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 2 5 Late Halloween Drawing by cartoonlovinggal Late Halloween Drawing :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 2 0 SHSL Joker by cartoonlovinggal SHSL Joker :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 3 0 ~Tribal Faerie~ by cartoonlovinggal ~Tribal Faerie~ :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 4 0 Breast Cancer Awareness by cartoonlovinggal Breast Cancer Awareness :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 2 0 Early Halloween Drawing by cartoonlovinggal Early Halloween Drawing :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 0 2 Jinx's Magic by cartoonlovinggal Jinx's Magic :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 3 Class doodles (2) by cartoonlovinggal Class doodles (2) :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0 Class doodles (1) by cartoonlovinggal Class doodles (1) :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 0 2
The Eye of the Beholder (Part 2/2)
    Inside the ballroom, Regina scanned the room for Ella. Having turned her head away for a few minutes, the couple vanished from her sight. A vein popped out of the witch’s forehead from annoyance. She felt an ache in her stomach. Something felt off about the situation. She turned around so that she was facing the wall and summoned an hourglass in the palm of her hand. She stared in horror at the last white grains of sand trickling down to meet the pile of sand resting at the bottom. The spell was over. 
    With rage boiling in the pit of the witch's stomach, Regina searched for Ella. The floating hourglass dissipated as her hand clenched into a tight fist. Without the spell's aura, she couldn't locate the couple. To get away from the commotion in the ballroom, she made her way to the door that led to the garden. 'Without the spell, how will I find that wretched girl in this large crow
:iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0
The Eye of the Beholder (Part 1/2)
        Once upon a time, in a kingdom found near the Black Forest, there was a Prince named Jacob. Jacob had to make one of the biggest decisions in his life –to get married or not to get married. He never had to think about marriage until that day a guard informed him that his father had an urgent matter to discuss.
    The walk from the Prince’s room to his father’s office was silent, an uncomfortable feeling hung in the air. The only sound was the clicking of Prince Jacob’s shoes that echoed in the halls. Jacob pondered why his father, the King, would call him. There wasn’t any special event coming up or any conflicts recently. The prince shook his head at his jumbled thoughts as he made his way to his father's office.
    It wasn’t long before he found himself standing in front of the large, brown double doors of his father’s office. Two guards opened
:iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0
Zuko!! by cartoonlovinggal Zuko!! :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0
Traditional art, digital, stories, and more to come! When I have time...

Random Favourites

Coloring Tutorial part 3 by MelancholicBirth Coloring Tutorial part 3 :iconmelancholicbirth:MelancholicBirth 5 2 Past n present OC by thumbelin0811 Past n present OC :iconthumbelin0811:thumbelin0811 698 76 Coloring Tutorial part 2 by MelancholicBirth Coloring Tutorial part 2 :iconmelancholicbirth:MelancholicBirth 6 2 Coloring Tutorial part 1 by MelancholicBirth Coloring Tutorial part 1 :iconmelancholicbirth:MelancholicBirth 6 6 Kagamine Rin by MelancholicBirth Kagamine Rin :iconmelancholicbirth:MelancholicBirth 4 6 Nynx by XMidnightLullabyX Nynx :iconxmidnightlullabyx:XMidnightLullabyX 2 1 Toxic (WIP) by XMidnightLullabyX Toxic (WIP) :iconxmidnightlullabyx:XMidnightLullabyX 1 1 Prucan Chibi by XMidnightLullabyX Prucan Chibi :iconxmidnightlullabyx:XMidnightLullabyX 4 1
For Jesse Anderson Lovers Request
You sighed while walking to class, wanting nothing more than to go back to bed at the moment. Then again, your friends were more important than sleep, so you continued your way before walking right into Jesse. He caught you just in time before asking, "You okay there, _____?"
You nodded before saying a quick thanks while smiling at him, you couldn't help the small blush on your cheeks as you said, "My bad, Jesse. Guess I wasn't watching where I was going again."
He chuckled lightly while saying, "Hey, no problem. Heh heh, ya see I'm a little lost."
Giving a light laugh, your grin returned while you led him to class saying, "Good thing we're in the same year, then. Otherwise I wouldn't be much help."
He gave you another smile to which you shok your head at while heading to your seat saying, "I'll talk to you later. See ya, Jesse."
Looking around your group of friends, you couldn't help the small chuckle as you locked gazes with Jesse to which his smile brightened. Your attention w
:iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 35 5
For Yami Bakura Lovers Request
You knew from the get go that this would be difficult. Not only was this spirit evil, but he was taking over the body of one of your best friends. You narrowed your eyes at the proud Bakura in front of you as the rest of your life points were obliterated. The thing that scared you the most was his possessive smirk as he stared you down. With that, you walked over to your friends, surprised that your legs hadn't given out yet. Tea led you away while the guys surrounded you, keeping an eye out for that spirit as you heard him say, "Why don't we duel for something more important next time?"
"He's changed since Battle City, _____. It may be hard to believe now, but once you've met him--"
"--He's kidnapped me, beat me to a pulp, and tried to use me to get Yugi to forfeit, Ryou! I don't care if he's changed or not. He'll have to do a Hell of alot more than change to get me to let that go!" you told your friend before hearing Yugi and Yami come out of school (thank you ancient scroll th
:iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 52 8
N x HalfZoroark!Reader Request
It was a normal day, you where using your illusions to keep the other Pokémon that you lived with up safe. They knew that you where only a half Zoroark and they understood it and welcome you as one of them. It was nice really, so to show your thanks your protected them from Trainer and those who wished to harm them. You grinned as you changed into your human form, you had a Zoroark's ears that where easylly hidden in your long (hair color) locks. Your eyes where the only thing that would stay the same, (eye color) orbs. With a grin you moved thought the forest, looking around making sure no one had stumbled across your friends.
That was when you saw someone. He had tea green hair and a had a Zorua walking with him, you thought it was kind of odd. Then as the green hair man wondered off you changed back into your Zoroark form. You slowly made you way over to the smaller Pokémon, he let out a happy sound when he saw you.
"I haven't seen a Zoroark since my Mama!" The Zorua b
:iconpsychostar1993:PsychoStar1993 227 43
Chili x Reader
You made your way on your Unova journey.
“I can’t wait to make a living here.” You said smiling brightly to yourself.
Though the fact was you were pretty poor.
You had recently moved from Johto to Unova.
You felt your stomach growl.
“I think we should stop for a meal.” You said.
Your Espeon looked at you letting out a mewl.
“Then it’s settled.” You said.
You had a few dollars.
Walking you noticed a Restaurant.
You walked in were you were greeted by three extremely cute waiters.
“Welcome.” They all said.
The red haired one escorted you to a seat.
You couldn’t help but blush.
He walked away only to walk back with the other two waiters.
“It’s not my birthday you know.” You stated.
They looked a bit puzzled.
“This is a gym miss and we are the gym leaders.” Cilan explained.
Your eyes widened.
“Oh my no, no, no, I’m sorry but I don’t battle. You see I’m a breeder.” Yo
:iconambervantas69:AmberVantas69 228 122
Trainers by RustyArtist Trainers :iconrustyartist:RustyArtist 899 100 Wild Pokemon Trainers by Gabasonian Wild Pokemon Trainers :icongabasonian:Gabasonian 2,614 377 Pokemon Trainers by ProdigyBombay Pokemon Trainers :iconprodigybombay:ProdigyBombay 7,958 907
Rare Moments || N x Reader
N was laying peacefully under a shady tree, he was quiet beside his soft purrs that escaped his throat, which were caused by you while caressing his green locks.
His cap was lying beside him while head was resting on your lap softly as you ran your finger through his soft as silk, light green hair.
It was so long and not damaged, it made you wonder how he managed to keep it so good and healthy.
Putting this thought aside, you smiled lovingly at the sight of N.
It had been a while since you two had such a peaceful moment because of Team Plasma and all that jazz.
Your strokes started to slow down as your mind and eyes drifted off into the woods until they finally stopped.
N slowly opened his blue eyes and the first thing he saw was your face, which showed that you were deep in thoughts.
"Why did you stop?"
Snapping out of your daydream, you looked back to the young adult and saw his usual smile as he reached up with his left hand to brush his fingertips over your right cheek.
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 811 166


:iconkusanagi-mizuho-fans: :iconyona-of-the-dawn: :iconx-reader: :iconakatsuki-no-yona:


cartoonlovinggal's Profile Picture
Alby Rei
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Arab Emirates
Welcome to my page~!

(What does one say in a bio, I don't even--)

- I'm an otaku, I've seen lots of anime of different genres, but my all time favorite is Yu-Gi-Oh! (all generations)
- I have tons of favorite characters, but no one can replace Nagito Komaeda (danganronpa), the Bakuras (Yu-Gi-Oh!), and Vector (YGO! Zexal) in my heart.
- I love art in all its forms from drawing to writing to music to games.
- My interests shift very often
- I always start projects but seldom finish them XD
- I'm a child at heart, but I act like a mom to my friends.
- I love learning languages and listening to music in different languages (Korean, Japanese, German, English)

- I'm working on a game for one of my favorite k-pop bands, EXO, and I'm looking forward to releasing a demo soon~ if I can figure out how rpgmaker works XD
I don't know if I should post updates or previews on here just yet, but if anyone is interested, leave a comment~!

My birthday badge


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Hello CLG here,

Point Commissions are opening!

Line-art: 15 points
Basic-Coloring(+Background): 30 points
Shaded(+Background): 35 points

I'd like to thank those who have donated/will donate :)
Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Danke, شكراً!

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